“Retrospective-Introspection” (Spoken Word)





I saw the resolution
of the unborn days in dots,
though my eyes couldn’t rate its sharpness
My sight couldn’t take up the display
I guess, faith sees the future than eyeballs
I stood before the King and fell many times,
countless as the times He had forgiven me
Regardless of my shame, He clothed me
in a cloth of grace that I need not abuse
In the rocky stance of this journey,
I almost slid-off the path of life,
in despair, rumbling in the air with weakness
I tried to sort out for an alternative
but then I remembered: If He caused the ‘dead womb’ of Sarah
to bring forth a child,
I couldn’t doubt that He brought forth,
the life of the Savior out of the tomb
Amazing how He made a tomb take up a dead body
and birth life in three ‘pregnancy’ days
I guess the tomb missed its period!
So I waited on His time. It wasn’t my period
Periodically, I asked God to fill me
but I was wrong because I needed Him
in every speck of a micro-second
within every volume of breath exuding my soul.



There’s hurt, pain and struggle in this path
I never understood the weight of the quote,
“Behind some beautiful images are hidden broken smiles”,
till my wings to fly were rebuffed on lame reasons
That moment, I exited. She called me
In a duration of an hour and half, we talked,
Rolling the conversation between faith and fate,
It quite resurrected my spirit based on the former
Her request that I heal her through the phone
as a result of the bitter news made me realize:
That true friends share your pain
and join in draining ‘sore tears’ in your heart
They plant a seed of hope
in the broken patches of your grief,
carve optimistic posterity with a smile,
taste the dry rain with you in the burning sun,
so your desires would keep ablaze no matter what
We sung some songs from the 90’s on a Samsung,
to cheer her heart though I was the one hurting
From Gospel to Reggae, Hip-life to Hip-Hop, I sung!
This was us, healing a fresh wound with old songs,
like old wine in new vessels to redirect the rhythm and taste
of hope that all isn’t lost.
Though it felt like a planet falling down onto my face,
I still made a joke on Facebook. Funny



Love was beautiful at the first sight,
when I beheld it with an open heart
I stretched a hand to hold forth
but I fought in the circles of my thought,
thinking if this love was worth the time
I waited. And just as it takes time to heal,
it also took time to draw a beautiful pain
I never imagined that winter would ever come
because man was always hot in time
but the cold treatment of love made me realize,
that winter resides in us till it’s unleashed
I crushed, many times, I rose, many times
Your silence spoke emptiness to my words
If you had kept your ears a bit closer
to the beat of my heart, you would have known,
this heart isn’t soft because it’s weak
It is strong and soft from enduring
the constant pounds of brokenness,
This soft heart has received
the thrust of broken trusts,
denied opportunities, tattered joy
This heart is soft for loving enough
to know that love is not always returned
but you need to give it out to humanity anyways.
Freely give without a pint of hatred.

I learnt,
Not all that glitters is gold
and not every gold is fortune
If you miss fortune,
know that there’s time in breath
to pick up the scattered pieces
And maybe, fortune is sometimes not found but made
Maybe, when we bury our hurt in smiles,
it is just synonymous to suicide
or might grow to be a sweet smiling flower
There are two sides of the coin to every action
so I diligently toss with zero doubt
There are two sides to the inking of my pen
so I stay wise to inspire with it or sprout humor,
writing as though my words were galaxies of the night
Sometimes, I write of a story I know not,
knowing very well it would be someone’s story
I write the poems with a bleeding heart,
knowing very well it will heal someone’s sore
I crack a joke with a dry smile,
having in mind it will lit another’s laughter
We are not equally made to do the same thing
but differently made equal to do unique things
I learnt, that this path is only temporary
so smile more, love wide, read enough
and write more, with eternity in mind.
This is life. Peace, Ace.


© 2017 Eben Ace

Facebook: Eben Ace

WordPress: http://www.ebenacesarfo.wordpress.com


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