“ BEAUTIFUL MADNESS; Newton’s Fifth Law” (Short Story)

No wonder it is said that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. In the case of Abena Rose, not everyone understood her beauty because you needed to be “mad” to understand. And oh, I don’t only mean physical beauty per se.

A 5.3feet tall lady of her caliber had every exquisite appearance to appeal the eye. Her natural hair bounced like a ‘new born’ whenever she catwalks on the street. It was beautiful how she could boldly take steps in the stunning high heels which graced her feet most times. If you ever wanted to escape the sin of fornication, you had to look in the opposite direction if you saw her perambulating in the neighborhood.

Goodness! She was endowed; front and back.

Talk of smartness: Abena was bright as the “Rose” attached to her name. She knew every book, chapter and verse of the Bible like the palm of her hand. Abena could memorize sentences from the numerous intellectual books she read and randomly quote them to people when the need arose. She carried conceptual facts and analysis into arguments and conversations she was not invited to engage.

Clearly, it tells you she had beautiful brains. But!

If you were not told by an elderly person that Abena was mentally challenged, you would have a pillar of doubt if a child told you. Everybody in the neighborhood knew Abena had a problem in her ‘upper chamber’ as a result of a head injury in her teens. Though she dressed well at times, the days she found herself in a different element were worse to describe. She would undress to her underwear, heels on, walk to and fro as though the street was the runway to a fashion show, till a close family member intervened. Anytime it rained, her family members feared because she always unveiled her whole body into the rain like a child at the slight realization that it was going to rain. It was delight to witness Abena express herself well with astute facts and deliberative notions on issues. Well, they were always issues she had no business to interfere but since she would mount rage if not allowed to speak her mind, she was given the floor. Abena could rise in the midst of a sermon at church and tell the man of God to check the quotation he just said because he misquoted it. Every Sunday, when members celebrating their birthday or any other anniversary were asked to walk towards the altar for prayers, Abena was the first person to leave her seat to the altar. She could walk into the kitchen, freeze and begin to carefully look into the air.

“I see atoms, molecules and ions in the air. Wow! Atom, come here. Molecule, stand there. Ion, I will call you later so go back to sleep. Wow!” Abena responded, starring right into the thin air with immense concentration, anytime she was questioned.

One time, she dressed in one of her twin sister’s official outfits, wore a wig, did the necessary facial alterations and walked into a class of Form Three students in the city’s Secondary School to teach. She used 45minutes out of the two hours period to teach these Science students on the chemistry topic, “Redox Reaction”. She taught them with a speed none could grab a single thing.

“Madam, please, but this is not the topic you left off from last week?” The Class Prefect respectively asked in the course of the lesson.

“Do you know your father is cheating on your mother. Do you want me to prove it with Newton’s Fifth law?” Abena turned from the board and said right into the face of Philomena, the Class Prefect. Philomena didn’t say a word.

Seriously? Newton’s Fifth law ? What has any of Newton’s law got to do with a cheating husband? Abena!

Few minutes after Abena had left the class, her twin sister walked in. “I’m very sorry to be late. I was in a meeting with the Headmaster to solve certain issues concerning our laboratory” Abena’s twin sister, Maabena said.

Wait! What’s happening here? The students didn’t understand what was going on. Was she not the one who just left? They explained to Maabena how she had just left the class and returned the next moment in a different outfit. They later found out that the first lady was Abena, Maabena’s twin sister. Maabena was the Chemistry teacher.

At church on Sunday, Abena danced to the praises and worship as if she was baptized with her own sweat. One could realize the “mad joy” she had in her heart. To continue her dance, she delayed the queue by exhibiting her moves once more during the second offertory.

As she was returning to her seat in her joyous mood, she saw Mr. Johnson and his family on the left lane. She quickly stopped dancing and forced her way through to sit between Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

“Mrs. Johnson, you’re looking beautiful” Abena said and smiled. “Thank you” Mrs. Johnson replied with a smile.

“Mr. Joooohnnsoon. I like the beautiful one I saw you with yesterday. She is prettier than all the ladies I’ve seen you “chopping” love with. Herh! The two I saw you coming out of Hene’s Hotel last week were not beautiful but, it’s okay” Abena said to Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was surprised, how and why Abena was monitoring his movement. Mrs. Johnson starred at her husband like a zombie.

“I hope you always use protection because hmm as for those three girls, Hm! they smell like AIDS; it’s real” Abena psychotically said.

Abena stood up after causing damage to Mr. Johnson’s martial home, looked right into Philomena Johnson’s face and said “You see, Newton’s Fifth law”

What she said didn’t make sense with any of Isaac Newton’s Laws whatsoever but she cared not and continued to dance though the choir had finished singing.

Newton’s Fifth Law : “ Indeed, only the mad man knows the beauty of madness”

© 2017 Eben Ace Facebook: Eben Ace

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Photo Credit : Jessikarh Bamane Bozie


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