MUTE; the silenced rape II

“I sensed doom approaching. He finally succeeded in pulling down my shorts, turned me over with my face pressed down against the bed and his hand covering my mouth. I thought I could overcome him for the last time while he turned me but it was as if I were an ant, and he, a lion.


I was broken to core when he whispered “I want you to be all mine”. “Is that how people make others their all-time partners?” I asked myself. I got tired of struggling. I had lost every available strength to fight back so I laid there with tears raining down my face as he went into me.


After he had drained my dignity, I was pissed and sober that I couldn’t watch him in the eye. He was a beast in my mind. He then said he was sorry. I just didn’t understand how he could take advantage of me one moment, and be remorseful in the next. He fell asleep but I couldn’t. I was awake the whole night feeling tattered and drained from head-to-toe.


I only came to keep him company since he was broken but I ended up broken than I earlier thought he was. I numerously ask myself “What have I done to myself” throughout the night in tears. I left the room the next morning feeling torn, deeply confused in myself and weak in spirit. I couldn’t erode the incident from my mind.”


“But you didn’t report to anyone” I asked.


“Haha… You’re kidding right? Who would have believed me? And he would have denied. And who was I going to tell. There was nobody to talk to.” she replied.


“And he didn’t use a condom? Did you fear of any STI? (Sexually Transmitted Infections)” I asked


“Nope he didn’t. And the thought of STI didn’t even come to mind; I was disappointed and broken. That’s all” she replied


“I believe it resulted in the possibility of you becoming pregnant right?” I asked


“I took pills” she replied


“Whew! I weak. I think that’s enough” I said


“You sure? Why?” she asked


“It’s a heavy story” I replied


“You sure that’s all you want to know?” she asked


“Let me breath small” I replied


“Did the pills work? Did he suggest you take them or you did?” I asked


“Unfortunately, the pills didn’t work because I took it late. Apparently, I was ovulating. And I decided to take it, looking at the consequences” she replied


“So what was the next option you took?” I asked


“I thought everything was fine till I missed my period in the next month. I tested and realized I was pregnant. My world came to stand-still. Eii I’m going to have this baby. Eii what is my family going to do. My friends, colleagues at work. Hmmm. I was scared. After an attempt to terminate it with a drug he gave me, I bled heavily for three months. It went through hell. I was always confused at work, my education was at risk. Tears is what draws down my cheek anytime I reminisce. On the contrary, it made me stronger and wiser and I wouldn’t settle for less.” She replied.


“So have you overcome it now?” I asked


“I do believe my story is for someone out there who could fall victim to this act. I wouldn’t say I have overcome it but I try to forget it and make my future better” she replied


“Hmm, I don’t know what to say” I said


“Hehe I know right. Hey, let me not steal your sleep time okay. And make sure you write this story well. Let me be the first to read okay. As for you, I know what you’re capable of. Lol (Laughed out loud)”


“Haha. Sorry if this brought tears to your eyes” I said

“Don’t worry. It’s life. Goodnight” she replied


“Goodnight” I said



© 2017 Eben Ace






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