MUTE; the silenced rape I

The ‘conversation bus’ arrived at the terminal of a past incident. She then said “Do you know he forced me?” inferring from a sexual assault encounter with one colleague at work and neighbor.

 “Are you serious” I replied.

I was surprised to hear this. I couldn’t believe till I inquired to listen to the tweeting sound of the chick from the broken shell by asking her to dissect the whole truth.

She then asked for a few minutes to grab a drink and brace-up her confidence. I knew it would be quite uncomfortable to open up to such story of torture to her humanity so I said it’s no problem if she didn’t find comfort in sharing.

“Don’t worry” Fosuwaa calmly replied

She began to narrate the whole story:

“He called me that he was sad and broken as a result of a tragic incident that had happened in his family. He was down in spirit and wanted someone to comfort his loneliness. I was driven by the intensity of his emotions and afforded to keep him company, pronto. It was 15minutes to 12AM… And I knew it was late but I offered to devote an hour to make him feel better. I enjoyed his company, which made me lose track of the said duration I’d wanted to maintain.”

“Ace, I need another glass of wine. This is serious throwback” she said.

“I know. We can end it if you’re not cool with it I replied.

She continued:

“So it was getting late past 12AM. I kept track of the time because I wanted to leave. I was feeling uncomfortable at a point. And to be frank, a thought of you came to mind. I told him I wanted to leave but he said it was late so I could sleep on one of the beds in the room while he slept on the other. I agreed because I knew him to be a gentleman and didn’t have any misconstrued thought for him.

I was making myself comfortable in the bed when he approached and laid by me to talk about how he feels for me and the fact that he had always loved me. To be frank, I didn’t feel the same for him. The conversation got weird at a point and I told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship since I’d exited a frustrating one not long ago.

It got more weird and uncomfortable when he posed the question, “Have you had sex before, and what’s your opinion about sex”.

I told him sex is a sacred act beyond the physical feeling and that it bonds the spirit of the two engaged in the act. Then, he drew nigh ad began to kiss me. I shoved my head to the opposite direction but he came on top of me, kissed passionately and reached for my shorts.

At this point, I knew I was in real danger and needed a miracle to escape his heat of sexual feeling approaching. I told him to stop because I didn’t want to engage in the act but he never paid heed.

He went further to hold both of hands of mine above my head with his hand, while the other hand reached to pull down my shorts, with his lips onto mine. I tried whatever I could but he was damn strong. I couldn’t pull away due to how he held my two hands and covered my lips with his. I was shot of breath and strength as result of my fruitless struggle…….



To be Continued……


© 2017 Eben Ace





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